LauerLogic is specialized in business development with a passion for technology and efficiency. LauerLogic offers best-of-breed IT products and solutions and are available for partners and IT departments. LauerLogic develops IT solutions and services for partners and subsidiaries.

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IT Business Management

LauerLogic is active in the market as a distributor of IT management software that are used within the portfolio of solutions. LauerLogic BV represents software vendors and cloud solutions, including Scalable Software, EduServ and eG innovation.

They all offer unique software and cloud solutions which we offer in Europe, with a focus on the Benelux. LauerLogic has partnerships with major software vendors like Microsoft, Red Hat, IBM and Citrix.


LauerLogic is the founding father of LogicQ Co-operative Consultants, the community for IT Professionals and software specialists in the Benelux. They are trained and ready to take care for support on the LauerLogic portfolio of Solutions. 

LogicQ Consultants are available for implementation support for end-users and partners. You can contact them via LauerLogic or visit the LogicQ website for further information.

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