OpenAthens: The invention of Federative Single Sign On

Eduserv is a different kind of IT provider. Because they are a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity, they don’t have to focus on making a profit for shareholders like most IT companies. Their mission is to help public good organisations make best use of IT. They believe that they are uniquely positioned to do so. Not only do they understand the IT problems that not-for-profits have to deal with, they have been solving them for over 15 years.   

Large customers, high security

It’s why they have worked successfully across government, education and research, health and charity sectors. It’s why they have a reputation for delivering practical and cost-effective solutions that make a big difference. To do this, they work closely with our customers to develop services that will meet their specific needs, whether this is upgrading technology platforms or implementing cloud-based systems.

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