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LogicQ Consulting unites experienced consultants

LogicQ Consulting is our Service Unit where Business innovation & improvement comes first. LogicQ also offers specific consultancy and audit services within its Managed Service portfolio.

Most current Expert Solutions within this Service Unit are AVG Privacy services, but also IT Asset Management, Project Management, Software Compliance, Decommisioning and various audit services.

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Labour mediates LogicQ Members & Associés

In addition to switching between supply and demand, LogicQ Labor also provides LogicQ Associés and facilitates them so that they can focus more on their work.

LogicQ Labor manages the contract administration with clients, processes hiring applications and matches the ideal Associé. But LogicQ Labor also handles practical matters such as the processing of the hours, invoicing of clients and additional benefits.

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LogicQ Learning offers practice-oriented learning

The combination between practical experience and theory makes learning together valuable. LogicQ Learning has developed an education program in collaboration with teachers and education partners.

This knowledge is bundled in an up-to-date curriculum that can be followed by external participants, but also available at a reduced rate available to LogicQ Members and Associés.

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IT Trading supplies Quality IT products

As a supplier of renowned vendors, LogicQ IT Trading maintains various partnerships with distributors and vendors. With this they offer a wide variety of products that are needed in the daily practice of a modern IT department.

IT Trading offers its clients the IT acquisition as a managed service and delivery against open calculation. The sales desk assists clients in their investments in IT portfolio, including software, network equipment, hardware and subscriptions.

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IT works with Networks

LogicQ Networks offers solutions by many experts and consultants and provides design, implementation and management of your IT infrastructure. They provide realistic solutions that suit your needs and budget.

Technology innovation gives organizations new opportunities to break through traditional dilemmas. With this, new solutions are placed in the hands of our customers - including integration between local networks and Cloud technology.

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Software and Open Source business applications

LogicQ Software provides state-of-the-art applications for companies and organizations. This can be done on the basis of the best open source business software for start-up and Global enterprise.

The quickly deploy able business solutions are affordable and reliable and available for almost every sector. Developing modern business applications is fast and not overloaded with licensing costs.

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