Let organisations grow from sprout to majestic

LauerLogic Business Development provides a good breeding ground for the development and growth of organizations & concepts with an affinity for innovation and technology. We bring together experience, infrastructure and performance to realize ideas. 

Business Development

Our involvement always starts with a good conversation - whether it is about an enthusiastic plan, on board at a start-up or a company with ambition for the next level. LauerLogic develops business solutions with them, strengthens their services and helps them reach their target group.

Our Investments

LauerLogic looks beyond financial investments - your loans from now are your ballast of tomorrow. We have alternatives with hands-on support from existing companies connected to LauerLogic BV. There is also an active network of partners for professional guidance and reinforcement based on parts of success.

Latest developments

LogicQ Co-operative Consultants is a 100% subsidiary of LauerLogic and offers freelancers and Freelancers an attractive way to work together. Recently, we have strengthened the structure and simplified the participation process and increased the benefits.

Our current projects

We always have time for a good initiative

The vision on Durable Datacenters leads to a new approach in Velsen

The current datacenters are important to a digital society, but have not reached their full capacity to become durable. They are receiving Green energy and wasted it after use in the air. 

Much of the energy can be reclaimed after creating digital datastreams by the Server processors. The Flevum project shows the innovations & possibilities to be part of the problem, but become part of the solution. 

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IT professionals gain equality and equity in becoming  LogicQ Associate 

An organisation is not defined by investors, but all people is part of the organisation: From intern to higher management. Many spend their best years in organisations who profit from their human capacities. 

LogicQ respects each professionals and their contribution to the succes of their common consulting enterprise. Including the option to become invest in their consulting firm. 

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Started as an personal journey to find answers and gaining better health

We modern humans eat all day well presented foods and drink the advertised brands we know all to well. But the statistics and our personal experience tell another story. Our health is suffering and doctors have pills, surgery and diets to cope with your health challenges.

Ketosis365 is the promise to yourself to learn, work and try new ways for a year, to improve your metabolic health and regain a better life.  

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Re-defining the Donate IT foundation for new purposes after 1ste fase

The foundation was formed to use donated software license for a good cause. After struggling to gain a constant supply of worthy software assets and other issues the foundation decided to put everything on "ice" . 

During this hibernation we worked on new plans to reach the original goal to help organizations to finance their social return and help practical foundations and social goals.

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We help to bring new applications to the market organize and develop IT

A customer asked LogicQ to develop a application that extract data from their Network and help to manage their asset lifecycle.

They looked to the available vendors and their applications and decided that it was better to build BiTla which was easy to created the reports they wanted from the data source available.

LogicQ build BiTla and offers design, implementation and management of your IT.

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Building a new eCommerce platform for cloud services and applications

LogicQ was asked to combine the offer of several distributors and vendors in purchase platform with asset management capabilities.

The current situation is for many organisation time consuming and most of the time they are not compliant or buying much to much subscriptions.

Cloud paradise helps buyers and IT Asset Managers with an all-in-one procurement and SAM platform to gain Software compliance. 

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